quarta-feira, junho 10, 2009

looking foward

I'm constantly being watched, looked and figures followed by eye and sometimes they disappear in the darkness of loneliness when the eye in front, as a mortal enemy and wanting his death.
I'm trying to get out but can not, and something that holds as if a rope made of a virtually unknown unknown material, I ask for help but these figures are my enemies and I am the silence of a dark road that insist on not having the light of the moon to give me light on my way to that place called home

p.s acho que o texto tem alguns erros não liguem lol

2 comentários:

S . disse...

we can call home to any place... as long as we feel it is (;

* esqueceste-te d'umas coisas não muito relevantes, vá :p

clube dos desgostosos disse...

Se calhar nenhumas figuras têm a solução. A solução está em nos mesmos ;)*